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Home Depot Lied About Neonicotinoids

For the past several weeks I've been mulling over an issue that I've discovered.  When I realized that today was Earth Day, I felt prompted to fire my cannons and hope this gets shared, shared and shared again.
The issue is the use of Neonicotinoid pesticides in plants at Home Depot. Neonicotinoid pesticides had been found to be key a factor in honeybee decline. Specifically, Home Depot stated in 2014 that it would require their plant suppliers to start labeling any plants treated with neonicotinoids by the fourth quarter of 2014.
So here we are in the second quarter of 2015 and you'd think that Home Depot's plant suppliers would have their Neonicotinoid labeling down to a science. And from my experience, looking around at three Home Depot's in the KC area I see quite a few plants with the required tags. But if you look closer, you realize it's haphazard. Some plants have them, but exactly the same plants next to them don't have the tags.
So I approached two different supplier employees at two different Home Depot's and asked the same question: why did some of the plants have these tags and some, or most, didn't? The answer, verbatim, was that the ones that have the tags came from the nursery and that the plants that didn't have them were supposed to but that they (the onsite supplier employees) either didn't have time to tag the plants or didn't want to take the time to do it. They told me that they received several boxes of tags per shipment that they often just threw away.
So, on Earth Day, that's my beef of the day. My suggestion and hope: don't buy any plants from Home Depot. Their plants kill bees. It's proven. It's a fact. On and off I'll be(e) at Home Depot preaching the bee gospel and I hope some of you give it a try too.

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Hello and Welcome to Farm Groove!

My name is Carter Clough and I'm the creator of Farm Groove, a website that's dedicated to the information and discussion about the Food Movement as well as offering great T-shirt designs that reflect the many aspects of the Food Movement.


I first encountered the Food Movement about six years ago when I started my first veggie garden and I was surfing the internet for more info.  I was curious about everything that kept coming within my search parameters and it was within one of those searches where I came across a new concept for me that was called the Food Movement.

That search ended up on a New York Review of Books by Michael Pollan.  The subjects of the review was  five books on food and food politics, but it was the review by Pollan, titled "The Food Movement, Rising,"  that became a kind of sensation amongst the many groups that made up the food movement.

For me, learning about the Food Movement was a kind of eureka moment.  The idea encompassed the passion I felt and it offered a great way to understand all the many parts of the food we eat.  The Food Movement has become a tidy way of presenting all the variables of food.  Amongst some of them I deem of import:  creation,  sources, environmental,  transportation, style, and lately, nutritional value. 

So this is what the Farm Groove blog will be dissecting on a semi-daily agenda.  It is my hope that this blog reaches many and fosters stimulating conversations about the current state and the future direction of food.

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