Farm Groove is a confluence of what was and what is.  The what was happened forty years ago when my Dad bought a 100 acre property in East Central Missouri that my family came to call the Farm.  I was 12 at the time and had never been exposed to the type of  life that the Farm presented. Every weekend for four years we would pack up and go to the Farm.  My Dad planted a huge garden every Spring and the rest of the time he spent planting trees.  In short order, he purchased a Ford 9N tractor to do most of the hard work and put myself and my brother to work with the smaller stuff like planting, hoeing and picking.  In return, he bought six horses for us to play with like playing hide and seek on horseback and to ride all over Bates County to our hearts content.  That time was an idyllic period in my life and one that I've never forgotten.

The what is was my rising interest in the Food Movement.  I'd never heard of the Food Movement per se, but I was taking horticulture classes through which I learned about farm tours around the Kansas City area.  After taking the Kaw Valley Farm Tour, I was hooked.  The lifestyle was so reminiscent of my earlier life at our farm and, coincidentally, I had just started my first vegetable garden in as many years.  I was so fascinated by this Food Movement discovery that I began to read and learn about it as much as possible.  The more I learned about it the more I wanted to promote it and the best way for that was to find a T-shirt that said something about this fantastic idea.

The image or symbol, that represented the Food Movement best for me, was the Chicken!  Many of my friends had vegetable gardens which they were passionate about, but no one had chickens.  After all chickens were illegal in most cities and municipalities so I viewed the chicken as the most radical symbol possible and one that would create questions and inquiries.

My quest to find a chicken T-shirt was monumental!  I found several, but they mostly depicted cartoonish chickens which didn't convey the seriousness I thought was needed.  Ergo (love that word!) I set about attempting to design my ideas of the chicken T, but in the midst of that I began to formulate the idea of a website that would offer Food Movement T-shirts plus up to date news and commentary.  So I put the chicken design on the back burner and set out building a website.

That was five long years ago.  After many trials and tribulations, I have finally launched Farm Groove!  Farm Groove, or simply FG, will continue to be a work in progress site.  Designs, ideas, news and commentary will constantly be updating as the seasons progress (timely pun!)  The aim of Farm Groove is to have fun and to constantly promote the benefits of the Food Movement. 

I hope you enjoy Farm Groove!

Carter Clough