French Fries - This is not a vegetable T-shirt

Farm Groove

$ 21.95 

There are some that somehow think that a bunch of french fries equals a serving of vegetables, but we know better!

From Ronald Reagan all the way to George Bush II the powerful lobbying group aptly named the American Frozen Food Institute dictated with their mighty influence in the US Congress that a serving of pizza or a serving of french fries (or tator tots) counted as a serving of vegetables in our nation's public and private schools.  Their influenced waned a bit with the election of Obama when the school lunch standards were changed and leaving out pizza and french fries as vegetable servings, but the frozen food manufactures, the salt industry and the potato growers had the last say in November, 2011 when Congress again reaffirmed that french fries totally count as a vegetable serving.  Poor kids.

So, just like the Farm Groove Food Revolution shirt, wear the This is not a vegetable french fry shirt as a kind of quiet disobedience and support America's kids who deserve a better food future!

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